The Consultancy unit offers its expertise to private and institutional clients, and to local and international financial institutions.

As consultants, we provide project evaluation based on your specifications as well as feasibility, technical, financial, environment and social impact studies. We assess projects and help you plan your estates and optimize your organization.

Our qualities:

  • Extensive experience working with global private investors and major institutional clients on multi-thousands hectares estates;
  • Integrated multidisciplinary approach;
  • We believe in walking the fields.

More specifically, Agrigrada provides you with:

  • Site analysis : soil and topography analysis; water availability; climatic and economic environment;
  • On site advice on varieties selection; pest, fertilizer and weed control program; water/irrigation and cover crop management; harvesting techniques; crop rotation and equipment use;
  • Estate management assistance (Administration, Financial control, Operational organization and logistic optimization);
  • IT development and implementation support (from small scale applications to specific operational software or fully integrated ERP solutions);
  • Branding and marketing assistance;
  • Feasibility studies and business plan making;
  • Specific auditing;